Mongolia Snow Leopard Tour is devoted for those who seek wild and ultimate photographic adventure to capture the fugitive Snow Leopard and iconic mammals in their natural niche. Grounded on our times of wildlife photography gests and partnering with original rangers this special stint is designed well and run successfully. Mongolian Altai region, home to the largest snow Leopard population in Mongolia and rare wildlife, lying on 2000m- 3500m( which gives a advanced chance to see rare Snow Leopard and allows us to snap Argali lamb, Siberian ibex, Grey wolf, Pallas’s cat and some rare species of raptors. Take a formerly- by- continuance adventure to the remote Altai Mountains in west Mongolia with educated shooter Batzaya Choijiljav and wildlife specialists, visiting golden eagle nimrods to learn ancient falconry traditions, snap real hunting scenes and passing gadabouts ’ downtime life before heading to the mountains.

DAY 1.Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hostel. Have lunch at a eatery and relax for a while in a hostel room. Depending on your appearance time, taking a megacity stint voluntary with the Gandan Monastery, the National Museum of Mongolia, and Central Square.

DAY 2 Flight to Ulgii

Take a flight to Ulgii city, the center of Bayan- Ulgii fiefdom where 90 of the population is Kazakh. Meet the original platoon and drive to Sagsai vill to witness ancient eagle stalking traditions and vagrant culture. We’ve a chance to snap and learn about authentic stalking styles. The Kazakh Berkutchi eagle huntsman/ defile up to go for a quest to the mountains with their trained Golden eagles. The huntsman golden eagle can catch small prey similar as hares, Corsac, and foxes. Stay in the host family.

DAY 3. Heading to the Altai Mountains

Time to leave the family and start the first nature day. Heading to the Snow Leopard niche, drive through the rocky but snowy mountains, enjoy Mongolia’s downtime wild west, clear blue sky and feel what downtime wildness offers us. In the late autumn we arrive at the base camp in the beautiful pitches of the mountains. Sleep in the Ger, the Mongolian traditional home which is the perfect lodging for the downtime camping.

DAY 4- 10. Searching for Snow Leopard

The adventure begins moment. Spend some of the special audacious days of your continuance in the insulated mountains in hunt of the representational wild Snow Leopard. We take diurnal touring around the loftiest chances of sightings where our former peregrination completed successfully with the stressed of three beautiful Snow leopards spotted at a time. The destination we arrived at, home the largest population of snow leopard also gives a good chance to snap its wild prey similar as Siberian ibex, Argali-wild lamb, and other wild creatures and raptors while touring.

Warmings and lunch handed during the journeys when we need it, our companion or ranger inform us when they spotted the fugitive cat and its prey, our print educator eager to help to snap the wildlife at its stylish views and positions in the stylish times. The altitude is about at 2800m(m.a.s.l), and the average day temperature inmid-winter about – 25 Celsius degrees and at nights it drops to – 40 Celsius degrees but traditional lodging is the perfect and classic accommodation for this harsh rainfall condition. Healthy warm refections, hot drinks, and all we need to have in the cold rainfall will be served. A movable battery bowl and other demanded outfit will be handed. We just need to overlook the areas in hunt of mountain ghost and their prey.

DAY 11. Back to Ulgii city
Moment we drive back to Ulgii city. Arrive at the original hostel and relax.

DAY 12. Hustai NP

Take a flight back to Ulaanbaatar and drive to Hustai NP. The demesne has had remarkable success inre-introducing the Takhi wild steed and is also a great niche for locally and encyclopedically risked mammals and catcalls. Stay in sightseer ger camp.

DAY 13. Drive to Ulaanbaatar
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hostel.

DAY 14 Departure
Departure Service: Chinggis Khaan International Airport Transfer

2 PAX$ 4750
3-4 PAX$ 4390
5-6 PAX$ 4050

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