Mongolia is one of the most beautiful places in the world and not known as the land of blue sky, home to the last authentic gadabouts, but also true destination of shutterbugs and audacious trippers . If you’re one of those who love the stunning beauty of nature also Mongolia has so much further to offer as its natural decor and stirring geographies.
We’re happy to partake some of beautiful geography prints taken by Bayar Balgantseren who’s one of the leading shutterbugs of Mongolia. He’s also an active rubberneck, visited the most remote places in Mongolia and abroad.

Mongolia geography Photography

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan NP, South Gobi fiefdom
Is camel just the beast of hot desert? Mongolian Gobi isn’t just a hot desert, it’s the most fantastic , alive and cold desert on earth. This uncommon decor is just seen in Mongolian Gobi.

Naiman lake Mongolia

Eight Lakes/ Naiman Nuur/
geographies are different, if you visit Mongolia as a shooter you’ll have great occasion to shoot the differing natural knockouts. From the desert campo to the thick timbers

Kherman Tsav- veritably seductive and beautiful place in the Gobi. Famous for its dinosaur fuds if you would like to visit this remote place you’ll need to hire well educated motorist and companion or contact at original stint driver company.

Khovsgol lake Mongolia Landscape

Lake Khovsgol in Northern Mongolia
One of the freshest lake on earth called Blue Pearl of Mongolia. The main destination for both original and foreign trippers . You’ll discover culture of reindeer herdsmen, including shamans, their rituals and enjoy natural beauty of the girding area. It’s also a perfect place for out-of-door conditioning- horseback riding, fishing, touring and voyagingetc.

Otgontenger Mountain

The loftiest point of Khangai Mountain range and its elevation is 4031m above the ocean position. Mongolians has been worshipping this mountain since ancient times and it declared as State Sacred Mountain in 1995 and listed in UNESCO’s impalpable artistic heritage conditional list.

Camel encamping Gobi Desert

Camel bedding on Khongor Sand Stacks
One of the must visit place is Khongor beach Stacks in Mongolian Gobi. This huge and graphic drift is known as” Singing Beach” and streches 180 km. You’ll visit original gadabouts, try camel riding and climb beach stacks. The natural beauty of this amazing desert ca n’t be imagined in words so just come and see.

Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan

Beautiful decor and gemstone conformations formed by stormy eruptions. Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur/ Lake National Park- a home of several fish species and migrating water catcalls. Walking, hiking, steed riding, voyaging, swimming, boarding and relax by nature is stylish effects to do in National park.

Tsambagarav National Park

Grazing creatures and vagrant lodging Ger- a typical view of Mongolian country. The snow caped mountain is sacred Tsambagarav, locates in western Mongolia and has rich wildlife and plenitude of archaeological spots.

Khar zurkhnii khoh nuur

Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur/ Khukh Lake of Khar Zurkh Mountain/
This fabulous Lake has beautiful girding nature and good for shooting geography photography. According to the Secret History of Mongols, Temujin was named as Chinggis Khan in 1189 at Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur/ Lake/.

Tuul swash photography

Tuul River

The swash called “ Tuul ” – length is 704 km and starts from Khentii Mountains and drain through southern part of the capital megacity Ulaanbaatar and continuing in western direction in large circles.

Eastern mongolian campo

Eastern Mongolian great campo and volcanos
There are about 200 dead tinderboxes on eastern Mongolian campo especially in Sukhbaatar fiefdom. Those dead tinderboxes can be seen from the loftiest point of Shiliin Bogd Mountain which is one of the ancient sacred mountains of the Mongols. You can also discover about 60 gravestone- man statues and beautiful Lake Ganga- home of thousands of swans in this region.

Ulaagchin khar lake Mongolia

Ulaagcnhii Khar Nuur/ Lake/

This beautiful lake is located in Zavkhan fiefdom in western Mongolia. Home to rare catcalls and so photogenic place and you can explore desert, campo and mountains in the same place.

Burenkhaan mountains mongolia

Buren Khaan Mountain- Sayan Mountain Range
This loftiest mountain of Khuvsgul fiefdom and its height is 3491m above the ocean position and notorious for its marble and eternal snow peak.

Orkhon valley Mongolia

Orkhon Waterfall in central Mongolia

One of the biggest falls and must visit lodestones for trippers . It drops from 20 measures and 10meters wide- locates in the artistic heritage Orkhon Valley.

We tried to include the most popular stint destinations and beautiful corners of Mongolia to this news. But it isn’t easy to show them all in the same time so if you would like to explore further places in Mongolia, come and see this amazing land with us! We’re then to help you to plan your coming adventure holiday in Mongolia

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