Mongolia, the land of eternal blue sky and the Great Genghis Khan( also known as Chingis Khan) has attracted the interest of people each over the world to travel to Mongolia because of its closeness, colorful types of geographies, and vagrant life. Mongolian gadabouts are known as one of the last vagrant people on the earth. Let us introduce 10 data about Mongolia in an intriguing style in figures 1 to 10.

1 Lake Khovsgol in Northern Mongolia contains about 1 percent of the world freshwater and 70 percent of Mongolia’s fresh water. The lake is called “ The Blue Pearl ” by Mongolia. With an area of 1,012 square long hauls( 2,620 square km), it’s Mongolia’s largest brackish lake in Mongolia, with depths exceeding 800 bases( 244 m). Lake Khovsgol is one of the top destinations to travel on Mongolia for both domestic and transnational excursionists.

2 Number of neighboring countries of Mongolia, including the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. Mongolia is the alternate- largest landlocked country in the world after Kazakhstan.

3 Number of games Mongolians contend in Naadam Festival or also known as “ Games of Three Men ”. Those games are scuffling, steed racing, and archery, which have had an important place in Mongolian culture since the foundation of the Mongol Empire. The strength of the Mongol Empire army was tested and strengthened through these three sports.

4 Presidential and Administrative choices are held every 4 times, but they’re held independently. Mongolia is a popular country with a administrative system.

5 Mongolian people punch 5 kinds of beast, including steed, camel, lamb, scapegoat, and cow( yak is considered as a cow). The number of beast has reached million, which is about 22 times as big as the population of Mongolia.

6 Gobi Desert is the 6th largest desert in the world. It also holds the record of being the coldest desert in the world. Gobi Desert is one of the top reasons to visit Mongolia because it’s consists of beautiful Beach stacks, mysterious defiles, and spectacular mountains. It’s also known as a home of the largest dinosaur fuds in the world due to the findings of a large number of dinosaur fuds.

7 Mongolia is the 7th largest country in Asia and the 19th largest in the world by area and the third most sparsely peopled. The geography is largely steppe, desert, and semidesert, and 75 of the land is used for beast grazing.

8 The utmost of Mongolia sits on the timezone of GMT 8 hour. Only the western 3 businesses( out of 21) have a one- hour previous timezone, which is GMT 7 hour. Be sure to flash back this fact if you plan to travel to Western Mongolia.

9 Nine white banners, which are used as a symbol of the eternal substance of the Mongolian state and the people since the foundation of the Mongol Empire, are kept and defended in the Government Palace of Mongolia and only taken out during Naadam Festival and carried as a marker of the morning of Naadam. Once banners are planted in the main area, the Naadam Festival is allowed to begin.

10 Mongolia came the 10th country to shoot its citizen to external space when Gürragchaa Jügderdemid, who was awarded as the idol of both Mongolia and Russia, flew to external space with Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov on Soyuz 39 on 22 March 1981. While in route, astronauts carried out trials on earth wisdom. After 124 routeways and 7 days, 20 hours, and 42 twinkles in space, they came back to earth.

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