It isn’t veritably easy to visit all the scenic destinations of Mongolia that has a vast land area, ranks as the 18th biggest country in the world, in just several days. bus transportation will be your stylish friend to witness the beautiful land views across the country and you ’ll love this occasion to meditate and relax during the road passages. Another options are air transportation and train that has colorful schedules which depends on the sightseer season and policy of original monopoly companies. utmost of the time, it’s relatively grueling to get tickets after April, so we suggest you to bespeak your tickets as soon as possible. Hope this composition will be helpful for those who want to know stylish places to visit in Mongolia and heal your spirit through the most beautiful spots of awful nature, wild creatures and unique vagrant life in short time, no matter if you’re a rest rubberneck or a sightseer.

1.Ugii Lake

The taiga and campo shops grow in this area and represents three different natural zones. This is a magnific place with mountains, timbers, downs, Gobi- type desert and mineral water sources each in one position and affable for numerous conditioning similar as hiking, mountain climbing, steed and camel riding.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 280 KM
Best Time to Visit between May to September( sightseer season)
Ideal Trip Duration 1- 2 days
Highlights Elsen tasarkhai – beach stacks, Uvgun friary, wild creatures, Khugnu Khan- beautiful mountain view, Ugii lake( 115 km)- fish and birdlife, one of the biggest lakes of Mongolia.
Conditioning Available wild life watching, raspberry watching, touring, shooting, family visiting, steed and camel riding, mountain climbing, voyaging near the bank

2. Legendary Orkhon Valley – Kharkhorin megacity

This is veritably important must- see artistic geography to travel through history of 13th century of Mongolia and you can visit 8 important spots by touring, steed trekking or driving through the nature. Kharkhorin was a political, profitable, executive and religious center and one of the largest forum of societies at the same time.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 365 KM

Stylish Time to Visit between May to September( sightseer season)

Ideal Trip Duration 2- 4 days
Highlights Tuvkhun friary, Turkish monuments of Khosho Tsaidam, the remains of Khar Balgas ancient megacity, Kharkhorum gallery, Erdene Zuu friary, Shankh Western friary, the Palace at Doit Hill, the ancient municipalities of Talyn Dorvoljin, Har Bondgor and Bayangol Am, deer monuments and ancient graves, the sacred mountains of Hangai Ovoo and Undor Sant, Khuisiin Naiman Lake
Conditioning Available sightseeing, raspberry watching, touring, shooting, family visiting, steed and camel riding

3. Bogd Khan Mountain

The friary enjoys a beautifully stunning setting girdled by a timber of Siberian larch with a background of natural determinedness escarpments eroded into bluffs of huge rounded boulders. A brief visit to a small but intriguing nature gallery will introduce to you, some of the wildlife and natural beauty of the area. It’s also a notorious spot for locals, visit during weekends to hike and heal in the Bogd Khan Mountain.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 50 KM
Best Time to Visit anytime around the time if you love touring & shooting
Ideal Trip Duration 1- 2 days
Highlights Bogd Khan Mountain, Buddha statue, Abbey- duddhist tabernacle, remains of Togchin Temple
Conditioning Available sightseeing, raspberry watching, touring, shooting. Places to visit in Mongolia- Mongol Nomadic Show
This is a great occasion to learn about the unique Mongolian vagrant life through visiting family, passing their life and riding an ox- wain through the campo. You’ll make numerous recollections that you’ll want to flash back and partake with others.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 55 KM

Stylish Time to Visit between June- September
Ideal Trip Duration 1- 2 days
Highlights occasion to feel and witness the Mongolian life and culture in one place, Mini Naadam event for excursionists, “ Mongol Nomadic ” artistic program
Conditioning Available shooting, steed- riding, camel- riding, yak- riding, chariot, camel wain, cattle wain, attending Mini Naadam event, being involved in artistic conditioning similar as erecting a ger, making dairy products,etc.

5. Khustai National Park

This is the biggest and the most well defended National Park in the country, its 50,620- hectare reserve cover Mongolian wild steed the takhi and the reserve’s campo and timber- campo terrain. It’s worth spending at least one night in the demesne, as you’re most likely to see takhi and other wildlife at dusk or dawn. numerous of them are risked species of wild creatures, flowers and catcalls in the world.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 100 KM
Best Time to Visit between May to September( sightseer season)
Ideal Trip Duration 1- 2 days
Highlights Takhi( Przewalski’s steed), wild creatures and shops, Moltsog beach – a nice occasion to witness small part of the gobi- desert atmosphere in regard, Mongolian campo
Conditioning Available wild life watching, raspberry watching, touring, shooting, family visiting, steed- riding near the demesne

6. Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain

This place for suitable for those who enjoy to hike around the mountain, ride a steed through the green campo, camp and fun and games while watching the beauty of nature. Then you can visit 3 different grottoes , small lake near the mountain and visit central Khalkha family( the largest group of Mongolia). In history, it’s said that Genghis Khan used to go for hunting around this mountain.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 150 KM
Best Time to Visit between May to September( sightseer season)
Ideal Trip Duration 1- 2 days
Highlights Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain- granitic gemstone conformation with its red reflects, Princess Lake, beautiful daylight, Mongolian campo
Conditioning Available touring, picnicking, boarding, shooting, family visiting, steed- riding near the mountain and lake

7. Tolbo Lake

Before or after travelling around Altai Tavan Bogd National Park driving 34 km from Ulgii city, you can visit one of the biggest brackish lake in Mongol Altai Mountains- Tolbo Lake girdled by rocky mountain. Then you’ll see several small islets and water catcalls in specific spots. Also, it’s a nice occasion to meet another clans of Kazakh lineage.

Distance from field 55 KM
Best Time to Visit May- October
Ideal Trip Duration 3- 4 days and further
Highlights small Eagle Festival, small islets, beautiful water catcalls
Conditioning Available shooting, family visiting, mountain- climbing, touring, steed riding, camping, watching eagle nimrods.

8. Terelj National Park- Chinggis Khan Statue Complex- XIII Century Park

It’s one of the most visited areas in Mongolia due to its magnific decor and its propinquity to Ulaanbaatar. Terelj National Parkis graphic place of high escarpments of determinedness, gutters and timbers and part of Khan Khentii National Park – the biggest one in the north eastern area.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 55 KM
Best Time to Visit anytime around the time
Ideal Trip Duration 1- 2 days
Highlights Turtle Rock, Tuul River, Ariyabal Meditation Temple, Chingis Khan Statue Complex – Exhibitions and Galleries- Military accoutrements of ancient Hunnu people( Huns) and Great Mongolian State, statues of ancient cavalries, XIII Century National Park-real life of 13th century period – Relay Station Camp, Craftsmen Camp, Educational Camp, Herder’s Camp, Shaman’s Camp and King’s Palace, events in tourism peak
Conditioning Available sightseeing, shooting, touring, gemstone climbing, swimming, rafting, steed riding, raspberry watching, skiing, groaning

9. Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

This is a original defended area for conservation of global hovered species and the harmonized complex of high mountains, downs, gutters, lakes and washes that’s a home land of rare brutes, a paradise of catcalls. One of the main magnet is Kherlen, the longest swash of Mongolia and Tsengiin Burd wetland, where water and swamp catcalls lay their eggs. Then you can witness both special interest and adventure tenures through intriguing conditioning similar as rafting, kayaking, fishing, riding steed and yak, watching raspberry and wild lamb- argali with binoculars or telescope.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar 130 KM
Best Time to Visit between May- September
Ideal Trip Duration 1- 2 days
Highlights Baits and Berkh mountains- a home land of rare brutes, Ikh- Gun and Ayaga lakes – a paradise of catcalls, Kherlen- the longest swash of Mongolia and Tsengiin Burd swamp- in where water and swamp catcalls lay their eggs, Mongolian campo
Conditioning Available sightseeing, shooting, touring, buoying, steed riding, raspberry watching, wild beast watching.

10. Magnificent Khuvsgul Lake

This is the most popular destination for original trippers , girdled with a beautiful taiga timber that you can witness only in Khuvsgul fiefdom. Mongolia is a land- locked country, locates far from the ocean, so locals love travelling to champaign- timber and lake areas because of these 2 factors only 11 of the land are is covered with timber and Khuvsgul Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of the country. Also, downtime view of the lake soul fulfilling beautiful and it’s a great occasion to visit the biggest Ice Festival and enjoy numerous different downtime conditioning and sports. In summer, there’s a plenitude of ideas to try similar as taking a boat or a boat, tasting original smoked fish, visiting Tsaatan lineage and reindeers. We indeed have a joke says ‘ If you have n’t visited there at least formerly in a time, consider yourself a clunker ’. So this means this is a must- visit destination for you.

Distance from field 100 KM
Best Time to Visit between June- August, March, downtime
Ideal Trip Duration 3- 4 days and further
Highlights home to wild creatures and catcalls, 800 species of trees and shops, Munkh Saridag peak( 3491m), Tsaatan lineage, Reindeer herding, Shamanism, 4 islets, Biggest Ice Festival in Mongolia in March, the biggest boat in the country
Conditioning Available sightseeing, camping, touring, climbing, steed riding, touring, biking, voyaging, pulling, family visiting, shooting

11. Golden Gobi

Mongolian Gobi is one of the most unique and biggest goodies in the world. Then you can witness a real freedom as if you’re far removed from nearly and enjoy riding a camel, hiking in the golden beach to see the beautiful nature view, star gaping in the peaceful night and visiting some mysterious spots that was created by nature thousands of times agone . Flight frequence 7 times per week in peak season, once a week in low season
Distance from field 100 KM

Stylish Time to Visit between May- October, March
Ideal Trip Duration 3- 4 days and further
Highlights Bactrian camel – herding, “ Thousand Camel Festival ” in March, home to catcalls and wild creatures, Yol Valley- Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park- East Saikhan Mountain, deep ice field, some exposed species like the argali lamb, snow leopard and Siberian ibex, Bayanzag- area where dinosaur bones, eggs and fuds were set up, Khermen Tsav- reaches 60oC in summer, one of 9 prodigies of Gobi, slush jewels in unique shapes, resembles untreated cultural armature and well- designed red slipup structures of ancient metropolises, astonishing view and evening, Khongoryn Els- one of the largest and most spectacular beach stacks in Mongolia, Baga Gazriin Chuluu, Ikh Gazriin Chuluu – unique gemstone conformations
Conditioning Available camel riding, sightseeing, family visiting, raspberry watching, wildlife watching, shooting, touring

12. Buir Lake – Menen Steppe

Menen Steppe is one of the biggest downs in the world which has kept its native land and there are a plenitude of pasturage shops, antelopes, wolves as well as rare creatures and Buir Lake is the lake with the most fish and utmost types of creatures and catcalls inMongolia.However, this will be a nice choice for you! If you love touring in the vast campo land and camping near the beautiful lake.

Distance from field 300 KM

Stylish Time to Visit March- October
Ideal Trip Duration 3- 4 days and further
Highlights Buir Lake, plenitude of pasturage shops, antelopes, wolves as well as rare creatures, beach dam, lake were the most fish and utmost types of creatures and catcalls live in Mongolia, only border crossing near water, Mongolian campo
Conditioning Available shooting, touring, raspberry watching, camping.

13. Uvs Lake – Khyargas Lake

Uvs is the’ ocean’ of western Mongolia, it’s visited by a range of seabirds, indeed though the nearest ocean is 3,000 km down. Khyargas Nuur National Park, grounded on a swab lake amid desert and drop lawn, provides an seductive summer home for catcalls but sees little sightseer business. These 2 lakes will be intriguing destinations for you to compare the different lake- views and witness its unique surroundings. Flight frequence 6 times per week in peak season, twice a week in low season
Distance from airport 30 KM to Uvs Lake, 100 KM to Khyargas Lake

Stylish Time to Visit May- September
Trip Duration 3- 4 days and further
Highlights important wildlife niche, nine rigorously defended areas, 173 raspberry and 41 mammal species, the base of 2,900 spots containing burial mounds( kurgans) and gravestone tablets( steles), Altan Els rigorously defended Area, Airag Lake, springs, Khetsuu Khad
Conditioning Available sightseeing, shooting, touring, raspberry watching, camping.

14. Khar- Us Lake

Khar Us lake is the perfect niche for wild ducks, geese, wood beef, partridges and seagulls, including rare relict suckers and herring suckers – and by late summer a billion or two of everyone’s friend, the common mosquito, but a paradise for raspberry- watching and shooting exertion. Flight frequence 3 times per week in each season

Distance from field 130 KM

Stylish Time to Visit March- June
Ideal Trip Duration 3- 4 days and further
Highlights the second largest brackish lake in Mongolia, the perfect niche for wild ducks, geese, wood beef, partridges and seagulls, including rare relict suckers and herring suckers, Ulaagchiin Khar Nuur Lake- Otgon Tenger Mountain, unique nature decor , Nomadic Culture Festival, perfect spot for shooting, Durvud lineage Khoton Tribe
Conditioning Available sightseeing, shooting, touring, raspberry watching, camping.

15. Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

This can be one of the most audacious and scenic destinations for trippers because of its unique natural conformation and insulated position, you ’ll experience another world of Mongolia with beautiful snow- caped mountains, completely different life of Kazakh lineage, eagle stalking, awful lakes in the mountains and most importantly it’s a real grueling spot for adventure campaigners who love mountaineering and steed trekking in harsh rainfall. I’m sure this will be one of your highlights travelling to Mongolia.

Flight frequence 6 times per week in peak season, 3 times per week in low season
Distance from field 150 KM

Stylish Time to visit for a short trip May- October
Ideal Trip Duration 3- 4 days and further
Highlights Khuiten Uul(‘ Cold Peak’) 4374 m, Nairamdal(‘ Friendship’, 4180 m), Malchin(‘ herdsman’, 4050 m), Bürged(‘ Eagle’, 4068 m) and Olgii(‘ Craddle’, 4050 m), Khurgan Lake, Khoton Lake, Dayan Lake, Golden Eagle Festival in October
Conditioning Available shooting, family visiting, mountain- climbing, touring, steed riding, camping, watching eagle nimrods.

Hope you ’ve set up your favorite place to visit when travelling to Mongolia among all these destinations and you might have started searching the ways and planning your tenures to Mongolia.

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