Mongolian Lunar New Year Tsagaan Sar is one of the two notorious Mongolian public leaves, celebrated throughout the country for three days, plus the Lunar New Year Eve. On those days, families prefer to have plenitude of food, keep their homes and home surroundings utmost clean, wear their nicest clothes, and be in a gladdening atmosphere. People start preparing for the vacation numerous days in advance. Families make hundreds of buuz( dumplings with meat) and traditional eyefuls, suture new traditional clothes Deel, clean the ger lodging, choose their nicest- looking riding nags, and train nags for the downtime race. On this stint, you’ll celebrate the downtime vacation with a rambler family living in thesemi-desert and mountain downs area. Except for the Tsagaan Sar experience, you’ll spot deer and wild nags in Hustai National Park.


Day 1 Start the country stint to Elsentasarkhaisemi-desert

Your companion and motorist meet you at your accommodation and launch the country stint to Elsentasarkhai, which represents high mountains, mountain downs, and the Gobi Desert in a single area. At Elsentasarkahi, you’ll witness authentic vagrant life and celebrate the public vacation Tsagaan Sar( Lunar New Year) with gadabouts. moment is Lunar New Year’s Eve. You’ll see how gadabouts prepare for their vacation, including how to make traditional dishes. Before the evening, the hosts ceremonially put up a table full of traditional eyefuls and whole lamb rump. Next, New Year’s Eve festivity starts.

Accommodation Extra ger of a rambler family

refections Lunch, regale

Mongolia vagrant lodging

Day 2 Celebrate the first day of the Mongolian Lunar New Year

Beforehand in the morning, people climb the nearest hill or mountain to see the first sun of the forthcoming time. For utmost Mongolians, the first day of the New Year starts with stepping in their auspicious direction to have a fat, healthy, and full of success coming time. Visitors boil traditional milk tea and offer the stylish of it first to the earth, also to their sanctum, coming to the oldest person in the family or host of the ménage and also serve family members, including guests. It’s a day Mongolians wear their most beautiful traditional dresses and visit parents, cousins, and musketeers traveling as far as they can go. People hail each other by age order( youngish people come to elders) in the traditional way of greeting. The festivity goes on when families visit and hail each other. moment, you mount a steed and visit neighbors.

Accommodation Extra ger of a rambler family

refections Breakfast, Lunch, regale

Tsagaan Sar festivity

Day 3 See wild nags at Hustai National Park and return to Ulaanbaatar

On the way to Ulaanbaatar, you’ll visit Hustai National Park to see the last survival of the earth’s wild nags roving free in the wild. As well as see some other wild brutes. A design to introduce wild nags to their native land has been enforced successfully since the morning of 1990 in Hustai National Park. There are further than 300 Takhi or Przewalski nags roving in nature. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar late autumn and transfer to your accommodation.

Accommodation Ger camp

refections Breakfast, Lunch, regale


Is Tsagaan Sar Tour suitable for you?

Tsaagan Sar stint is a moderate experience suitable for artistic and adventure trippers . You’ll mingle with the gadabouts and experience in depths of their unique culture while staying with a rambler family and celebrating the public vacation. The Tsagaan Sar stint doesn’t include any physical conditioning. Fire heating traditional ger stay without WC, shower, or electricity could be an fantastic experience for you. A original equestrian will help you with steed and camel riding.

When is the Tsagaan Sar Tour?

The Mongolian Lunar New Year festivity date differentiates due to the lunar timetable. Please check the monthly Tsagaan Sar dates. It generally takes place at the end of January or February. The average daylight temperature fluctuates between-15 °C and-25 °C and the night temperature fluctuates between-20 °C and-35 °C at its coldest( this rainfall regards central Mongolia only). For your experience medications, please check the downtime stint quilting list refections and Accommodation

You’ll stay with a rambler family for 2 nights, eating traditional Mongolian refections. There will be an redundant ger to secure your sequestration and comfort.


The maturity of our company’s attendants are English speaking. German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese- speaking attendants are available upon request. All of our attendants are friendly and helpful. The maturity of them were born and raised in the Mongolian country. thus, they’ve good knowledge about every aspect of Mongolia. During steed and camel riding, original equestrians will support you.


Depending on the group size, Japanese/ Korean vans or jeeps serve you. Besides the vehicles, our educated, friendly, and good automatic motorists will help you enjoy the stint.

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