Are you planning a trip to Mongolia and wondering about your accommodation options? Let me share my first-hand experience with lodging in Mongolia during my tour. Discover where to stay in Mongolia as you embark on your journey.

On the first day of our adventure, my friends and I landed in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. We were warmly greeted by our guide and driver at the airport, who then transported us to a 4-star hotel where we would spend the first two nights of our journey. The hotel exceeded our expectations, offering clean rooms, delicious breakfasts, and courteous staff.

As our travels continued, we explored Mongolia for a total of 20 days. Our first destination was Kharakhorin, a place rich in historical and cultural significance. After a full day of exploration, we encountered a unique form of accommodation – the Ger, also known as a yurt. These traditional dwellings featured brightly colored furnishings and a wood-burning stove at the center.

Each Ger was equipped with two, three, or four beds, complete with clean sheets and warm blankets. Some Ger camps even offered double-bedded Gers. When the weather turned colder, they provided wood and kindled a fire in your Ger, which was a fantastic service. All the camps we visited had modern toilet facilities and hot shower rooms. However, it’s important to note that some camps, especially those in the Gobi region, had limited electricity. This sometimes made it a bit challenging to enjoy a warm shower, and the water supply could be inconsistent. These camps used diesel generators for electricity, which produced a constant and rather noisy hum. If your Ger happened to be close to the generator, a good night’s sleep could be elusive.

When it came to meals, the Ger camps served a variety of options, including Mongolian and European-style dishes, with vegetarian options available as well. We enjoyed our breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the large Ger-restaurant or wooden houses. Some camp restaurants offered a selection of beers and other alcoholic beverages. Meals were generally provided buffet-style, with no specific menu to choose from. Depending on our tour program, some days included boxed lunches that we enjoyed as a picnic in nature.

The experience of staying in a Ger was truly enjoyable and provided an authentic accommodation experience. As you lay in your Ger, you could gaze up through the roof window at millions of stars. The circular shape of the dwelling may appear unusual at first, but Gers offer warmth in winter and a cool refuge in the summer. It’s incredible to think that Mongolians have been living in Gers, enduring harsh winters for thousands of years, with very little change to this traditional lifestyle.

During the high tourist season, some Ger camps may be fully booked, making it challenging to secure accommodations independently. The best approach is to book through a local tour operator who can provide the most up-to-date information on available camps.

Another unique aspect of the trip was the opportunity for wild camping. We spent two nights in tents. Mongolia’s natural landscape is unbelievably beautiful, and you can set up your tent almost anywhere you desire, except in strictly protected areas. Your local tour company will provide all the necessary camping gear, toiletries, portable showers, and kitchen facilities during the trip.

One of the highlights of our journey was staying in a local family’s Ger. They were incredibly hospitable and friendly, providing a firsthand opportunity to immerse ourselves in their culture. In the end, our Mongolian adventure was nothing short of fantastic, despite the sometimes challenging local roads. Mongolia is undoubtedly a must-visit destination that will capture your heart.

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