Arguably one of the Biggest catcalls of Prey, but not too Heavy
Golden Eagle isn’t just one of the biggest kind of eagles( 4th), also one of the biggest catcalls of prey on the earth of earth( 10th). Golden Eagle uses its own size as advantage to prey small to medium- sized mammals, including field mice, ground squirrels, marmots, rabbits and indeed corsac fox.

Well trained, endured eagle in Mongolia can injure wolf and its proprietor eagle huntsman can finish the wolf. They make the stylish mates. Plus, their weight is suitable for nimrods to hold them on their hand without having too important pressure.

Jaw- dropping Speed as Formula 1 auto

Golden Eagles have a jaw- dropping speed and dexterity for their size. When they descend from significant altitudes, they can reach speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour. In the freest form of the sky known as “ sky- dancing, ” a Golden Eagle performs a rapid-fire series of multiple steep dives and upward swoops, beating its bodies many times at the top of each rise.

Unthinkable Telescopic Vision of Golden Eagle

Observing small creatures similar as field mice and ground squirrels from 500 to 1000 measures over is the potent advantage of Golden Eagles. Their vision is about 8 times as humans’, which means humans’ eyes need to be nearly the same as the size of an apple to match Golden Eagle’s vision. This advantage makes golden eagle the stylish companion of Eagle nimrods for stalking.

One of the utmost Trainable catcalls of Prey

Eagle nimrods catch and train womanish Golden Eagles which have formerly learned to fly because womanish eagles are fairly bigger than manly bones . Those womanish Golden eagles, which have learned to fly and learned to hunt for a certain time, are fairly quiet, fast- literacy, and only attack the creatures that fit their power, doesn’t constantly roar, and doesn’t foray domestic creatures when they’re returned to nature.

Long Standing Eagle Hunting Tradition

Ethnical Kazakhs of Mongolia have long standing tradition of eagle stalking and are proudly keeping it till now. Mongolians have been born nimrods and known for their chops in the history. This trait played important part in eagle stalking tradition. either all the advantages I’ve mentioned over, one of main reason of choosing a golden eagle in the stalking is geographical position of the raspberry.

They can be fluently set up in harsh climate of Altai Mountain region. Other suitable catcalls of prey, shark and falcon are moreover too heavy or too small to hunt with huntsman. That’s how notorious eagle huntsman tradition is allowed be began. currently, eagle nimrods contend in Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival annually to promote and save this unique tradition worldwide.

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